Best Cocktail Bars in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a plethora of cocktail bars. We have pulled together a list of some of the best cocktail bars that you must visit in Massachusetts!

Boston >>>

Highball Lounge

Highball Lounge has a nostalgic vibe that you’ll enjoy. Don’t worry, though; all of their drinks are current. Visit the old toys and games section, then linger long enough to sample some of their typical bar meals. The chef has worked in a number of high-end restaurants, therefore the food is genuinely exceptional.


At Drink, there is no food on the menu. Only the most expertly made cocktails will be found. The regular cocktail parties here pay homage to the legendary prohibition era.

Lion’s Tail

Lion’s Tail bills itself as a “cocktail den,” and its cocktail menu is extensive. The bar food is distinctive—in a nice way. With your beverages, try something different.

Lenox >>>

Bistro Zinc

Bistro Zinc is also a hotspot on the local bar scene, dishing customers an amazing food in a classic setting.
There are regulars and visitors alike, as well as a variety of superb cocktails and bar food.

Newburyport >>>

Thirsty Whale

Newburyport has a certain allure that draws people, and the Thirsty Whale is no exception. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, and the food and drinks are inventive. There’s even a selection of seasonal specialties.

Provincetown >>>

Harbor Lounge

Harbor Lounge has its own pier that stretches out into the water, making it the ideal spot to watch the surf while sipping a martini. The ambiance is relaxed back and beachy, and it’s known for its sunset beverages.

Shipwreck Lounge

At Shipwreck Lounge, sip cocktails around the fire pit or inside if you like. You’ll enjoy the outside celebration as well as the interior chatting. Throughout, there is a traditional maritime vibe.

Somerville >>>


Backbar offers cocktail appetizers to go with your beverages. You get the concept when you hear words like “hip,” “trendy,” and “happening.” Stop in for cocktails if this is the type of person you believe you are—or aspire to be. The street art decor is also rather spectacular.

Daddy Jones Bar

Daddy Jones Bar, which serves excellent drinks and Greek small meals, is a great spot to meet new people. Everyone feels at ease in the small bar. You can also dine outside while sipping your martini.

Woburn >>>

The Baldwin Bar

The Baldwin Bar, located on the first floor of Woburn’s Baldwin Mansion, is small yet makes a huge impression.
The cocktail selection is great, and the beverages are even better, with just 24 people at a time.

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